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How to sell a house in North Carolina

How to sell a house in North Carolina

It might be tempting to sell your house personally without help of a real estate professional but before you decide to do that, ask yourself the following:

  1. Do I have enough strength and energy to endlessly meet with customers, answer all questions and adapt to their time, convenient for viewing? Am I ready to listen to sometimes offensive comments about my house in order to reduce the price?
  2. Do I have the skills to work with computers and technologies to effectively sell my property on the Internet (where more than 95% of people are looking for homes)?
  3. Do I have a lawyer who will help me correctly draw up a contract, protect my interests, and also assist in negotiations with a buyer’s lawyer in the event of a conflict with a buyer?

If you answered NO, even to one of these questions, you definitely need the services of a realtor. Here are a few more reasons why you should consult a specialist:

  1. A study by the National Association of Realtors, conducted in 2016, showed that the typical selling price of a FSBO house (For Sale by Owner) is $184,000 compared to $230,000 sold by a licensed agent.
  2. Sale of real estate FSBO takes on average 19 days more than with the help of a realtor
  3. The survey showed that the main problems for FSBO sellers were paperwork, determining the right price and preparing the house for sale.
  4. It is estimated that 80% of people who try the FSBO method end up giving up and turn to a realtor

So, what steps will I take to sell your house at the highest possible price:

Step 1. Preparing a house for sale:

  • I will inspect your house with you and discuss issues related to preparing the house for sale (possible repairs, improvement of the appearance of the house, decor, etc.)
  • I will provide an overview of sales of similar size and condition of homes in your area to get acquainted with the situation in the real estate market.
  • I will discuss the acceptable sale price and calculate the amounts necessary for paying taxes, attorney services and agent fees.
  • I will help you decide on the price for which you want to put a house for sale.
  • I will measure at home, take photos made by a professional photographer and Vignette staging (if needed) – this is included in the cost of my commission.

Step 2. Marketing:

  • I will enter information about your home into the Keller Williams realtor computer system, where all realtors and their clients will immediately see your home. On the same day, this information will instantly be distributed to all websites where potential buyers can search for a home, including Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Realtor.com and over 200 other websites. Unlike other agents, I pay for the so-called. extended listing when your home appears above other similar homes in the search results on these websites. This will save you a lot of time and allow you to quickly distribute information about the sale.
  • I will put the “For Sale” sign outside your home and make a separate key lock on the door so that agents can show your home to their customers. You will receive an e-mail or SMS with a request to view and be able to approve or deny the requested viewing time. This system helps to better distribute your personal time.
  • “Open House” will be held on Saturday or Sunday, first for neighbors who will receive postcards and then for all other potential buyers who will see information about Open House on all the above listed websites.
  • I will make brochures with information and photos of your home, a virtual tour on the Internet, a separate website for your home, advertising in social. networks.
  • Agents who work in your area will receive e-mails with notification of a new property (there are more than 7,000 agents in the Wilmington area), which will significantly speed up and increase the chance to sell your home.

Step 3. Sales process:

  • I will monitor requests from customers and receive feedback from agents showing your home.
  • We will hold “Brokers’ Open House ”for agents of my company to familiarize them with the house and get their opinion if the house is suddenly“ sat down ”on the market.
  • I will help you discuss the conditions of the offer (13 pages) and develop a strategy for counter-offers, if necessary.
  • We will pick up potential buyers taking into account their financial position and conditions of the offer, including the terms, proposed deposits, etc.
  • I will assist you with signing a contract.
  • I will help in the negotiations of the results of inspection, will recommend contractors, and also help in organiation and conduct repairs to which you agree.
  • I will help with the organization of a deal (closing) with all participants.

Why it is worth selling with my help:

  • I know the real estate market in the region, as well as the real prices of this region.
  • My main goal is to help you sell your house at a higher price, with less repairs, to organize and carry out most of the work related to selling your house, and also to minimize the time and costs associated with paperwork and request of the necessary agreements.
  • You will get professional and legal support from one of the largest international companies “Keller Williams Realty” with many years of experience selling real estate. You will get help of professional agents, lawyers and attorneys. Our company conducts thousands of transactions around the world every day, so we are ready to answer any of your questions quickly and professionally. Also, we are confronted daily with relevant information on real estate in your area, which saves a lot of time searching and making a decision.
  • You will get a high probability to complete the transaction. Yes, often houses in our region go “under contract” fairly quickly, but due to the complexity of the buying and selling process and the apparent conflict of interests between the seller and the buyer, the houses sometimes come back to the market or are sold for less than what was stated in the offer.
  • I will always be available for you, in the morning, in the afternoon and even in the late evening. Also, I work with a team of realtors, there are 5 of us and if all of a sudden I can not give you time for any reason – you will always have a person with whom you can contact during my absence.

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