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Help with relocation to Wilmington, NC

If you have employment opportunities in Wilmington or you just decided to change your place of residence, I will help you make your move as painless, as possible. My task, as a relocation specialist is to take care of all the issues related to the relocation, so that you can concentrate on your work. What is included in this service:

  • Selling your current home.
    I am an agent of a large international company Keller Williams Realty and we have agents in every region. This means that I can organize at the same time the sale of your old house and a purchase of a new one as soon, as possible and with the least lag time. Even if you have already moved, we can organize the sale of your home without your presence.
  • Search for a company to deliver your personal belongings.
    Our company is constantly engaged in moving and hires a large number of carriers. This means that I can refer a good contractor to you with whom we have contracts and you can get a better price for the services of packing, loading and delivery of your stuff that you would not get if you look for a contractor yourself.
  • Assistance in moving citizens of other countries
    If you are a citizen of another country, I can help you deal with issues related to the rules of buying or renting housing for foreigners. In 1990, my family and I moved to the United States from the Caspian Sea region of the former Soviet Union, so you would not get a better advice than advice from a person who has his own experience in this matter.
  • Search for a new home.
    Regardless of whether you decide to buy a house or rent it, I will select the best option for you in our region.
  • Help with closing.
    If you deal with the sale of your existing house in another state, I can help you. From state to state, the process of closing real estate transactions may differ. Keller Williams Realty has its representatives in every state, so you can be sure that you will be referred to a real estate professional in your state at the time of the sale who will take care of all aspects of your transaction as quickly, as possible.

Additional services:

– Transportation of pets, including between countries
– Delivery of your car
– Conduct survey tours with home inspection
– Help finding local service providers