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Hampstead, North Carolina: What you need to know

Hampstead, North Carolina: What you need to know

Hampstead is a community in Pender County, North Carolina, located between Wilmington and Jacksonville on Route 17 (USA). It is a part of the Wilmington-Metropolitan Area.
Population (2019) – 4,083 people.

1. The cost of real estate.
The average cost of a house in Hampstead is $260,700. The growth in property prices over the past 10 years amounted to 4.64%. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $958.

2. The standard of living.
Compared with the rest of the country, the living minimum in Hampstead is 11.70% higher than the average in the United States. The average income in Hampstead, North Carolina is $64,963 and the average cost of housing is $260,700, which should give you a pretty good idea of ​​its availability.

3. Business and economy.
Being a great place to live also means being a great place to work. A thriving economy ensures good tax revenues to the city budget, allows for improving infrastructure and attracting talented people to work and live.
Business, Industry, Hampstead, NC:
Agriculture and forestry, fishing, hunting and mining – 0%
Construction – 7.6%
Production – 10.3%
Wholesale – 4%
Retail trade – 18%
Transportation, storage and utilities – 4%
IT – 0%
Finance and insurance, real estate, renting and leasing – 4.2%
Science and Administration – 16.8%
Educational services and healthcare and social assistance – 19.7%
Art, entertainment and leisure, restaurant and hotel business – 3.8%
Other services, except public administration – 2.6%
Public administration – 9%

4. The level of employment.
Employment opportunities are also often one of the factors that influence the decision to move. The unemployment rate at Hampstead is 5.3% (average for the USA is 5.2%). Recently, there has been an increase in the number of jobs by 3.27%.
Employment rate in PENDER COUNTY, NC: 95% occupied
Unemployed 5%
Employment by industry:
Management, business, science and art 43.7%
Natural resources, construction and maintenance 16.3%
Production, transportation and movement of materials by 5.2%
Sales and office 18.1%
Service 16.7%

5. Education.
It’s no secret that schools and the opportunity to get a good education are important motivating factors when choosing a place to move and buy a house. There are four primary schools in Hampstead: North Topsail Elementary, South Topsail Elementary, Topsail Elementary, and Surf City Elementary. As well as two secondary schools: Topsail Middle School and Surf City Middle School, and one high school, Topsail High School, which is located in close proximity to Topsail Middle and a few minutes walk from the Hampstead Branch library.

Hamstead school and fest

6. Entertainment, events and exhibitions
There are three golf courses in Hampstead: Castle Bay, Olde Point Golf and Country Club and Belvedere Plantation. Every year, on the last weekend of September, the North Carolina Festival is held in Hampstead, which is attended by a thousands of visitors. This festival is held to collect donations for Topsail schools and the community. There is also an annual scholarship contest, in which eight girls from North Carolina are selected, who will represent the festival throughout the year. Local fundraising groups for the American Cancer Society are also holding an event called “The Relay For Life”. The Greater Hampstead Chamber of Commerce holds the Hampstead Expo, which helps unite and support the interests of local entrepreneurs.

Hampstead school, North Carolina.

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