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9 Reasons to Relocate to Wilmington, NC

9 Reasons to Relocate to Wilmington, NC

There is never been a better time to relocate to Wilmington, NC. The downtown area is bustling with cultural and dining opportunities, the education is top-notch, and the beaches are stunning.

Because the Wilmington real estate market is still quite accessible, it’s a great time to retire or relocate to our beautiful city.

In this post, we’ll look at the top 9 reasons why you should consider to move to Wilmington, NC.

1. Lifestyle
Thanks to North Carolina’s mild climate and our proximity to the water, the lifestyle of Wilmington, NC is unmatched. Those who like to play golf year-round will find paradise at Cape Fear National Golf Course, while those that like to fish and boat will be right at home on the Cape Fear River.

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2. Community
Wilmington, NC has a tight-knit community with roots grounded in classic southern hospitality. Whether we’re gathering for one of our many yearly festivals, such as the Azalea Fest or to watch 4th of July fireworks on the beach, coming together is what Wilmington does best. Plus, there’s always room for one or two more.


3. Beaches.
There’s a reason North Carolina beaches are so popular with tourists. The unspoiled natural beauty and peaceful small town feel exemplifies what a bech should be. Wilmington’s quiet beach towns, such as Carolina Beach Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach, Topsoil Beach, and Hampstead, are some of the best.

4. Climate.
Of course, there’s no sense living near a slew of beautiful beaches if it’s too cold to enjoy them. With an average yearly temperature of 70°F, and an average winter temperature of 50°F, it’s never too cold for a walk on the beach or an afternoon tee time.

5. Education.
Whether you have kids in primary school, nearing college age, or want to take courses for yourself, Wilmington, NC has a bevy of top-rated schools to choose from, including the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, one of the best ranked public universities in the South. Those who want to continue learning for life should look into the variety of Continuing Education courses at Cape Fear Community College.

6. Culture.
Thanks to a thriving arts scene anchored by the Cameron Art Museum, collegiate arts programs and monthly 4th Friday Gallery Walks, art lovers have a lot to see and do in Wilmington.
Music lovers flock to Wilmington every year for the North Carolina Jazz Fest, while the eclectic offerings at the Greenfield Lake Amphitheater keep residents entertained all year long.
Closer to home, Brunswick Forest offers a Summer Concert Series that makes getting out and enjoying the arts as easy as stepping out of your front door.

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8. Proximity.
Wilmington, NC is just far away enough from the bustling metropolitan areas to the North to offer a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle or larger cities, but close enough to make a quick trip by air, rail or car.
If you lived here, your friends and loved ones would never be too far away.

9. Real Estate
A new report shows Wilmington has the hottest real estate market in the country. “This new report doesn’t surprise me,” said local real estate broker Jimmy Hopkins. “I think all of us that know and love Wilmington have said for years it’s an undiscovered gem.”
Real estate information firm ATTOM Data Solutions recently analyzed more than 130 metropolitan areas with at least 100,000 single-family homes.
Based on data from mortgage applications, the firm was able to predict the average ratio of homes likely to be sold in the area. The Wilmington area is predicted to have the most growth, followed by Colorado Springs, Manchester, N.H., Chicago, and Washington, D.C.
“I think there are a lot of reasons to move to Wilmington,” Hopkins said. “One, you combine a great climate with lots of water and outdoor activities. We are fortunate to have a university and community college. We have arts and culture, and a vibrant downtown.”

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