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5 Reasons people love living in Wrightsville Beach, NC

5 Reasons people love living in Wrightsville Beach, NC

Wrightsville Beach is a town in New Hanover County, North Carolina. It is just east of Wilmington and is part of the Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 2,548 at the 2017 census. The town consists of a 4 miles (6 km) long beach island, an interior island, called Harbor Island, and pockets of commercial property on the mainland.

The geography of the area is composed of two islands that are separated by two different bodies of water. Bradley Creek runs between the mainland and the Hammocks (currently known as Harbor Island). The Hammocks are then separated from the beach by Banks Channel.
Wrightsville Beach, situated alongside the City of Wilmington, could be the location of your year round dream home. This world renowned island is known for its beach accessibility, ever-present social life, wide variety of recreational activities and vibrant restaurant scene. Once you are on the island, there is no reason to leave!
Beachfront property here is modern with a mix of older cottage style homes. You can live on the beach or choose to face the Intracoastal Waterway from your dream home. Wrightsville Beach is home to a variety of fishing tournaments, including the Cape Fear Blue Marlin Tournament; marathons, including the Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Marathon and surfing competitions, including the WBLA Long Board Pro-Am.

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5 Reasons people love living in Wrightsville Beach, N.C.
Located in New Hanover County and just east of Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach embodies true Carolina beauty. Consisting of 4 miles of gorgeousness, Wrightsville Beach is pure paradise.
This ultimate Carolinian escape has become more than just a popular tourist destination; it is also home to a little under 3,000 residents year round. Offering endless opportunities for fun in the sun and some simply exquisite dining options, Wrightsville Beach is the perfect place to call home.
After all, nothing else quite beats the ocean at your doorstep. Discover 5 reasons people love living in Wrightsville Beach.

1. It’s the Perfect Escape

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Only a short drive from Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach is the perfect seaside escape. Ideal for fun in the sun, a day at Wrightsville Beach is a great day indeed. Whether you’re looking to spend the day surfing and catching some waves, taking it easy and soaking up some sun on the beach, or even reeling in dinner’s catch at Johnny Mercer’s Pier, Wrightsville Beach has everything you could want in a beach town and more.

2. Best of Both Worlds
Another great benefit of living in Wrightsville Beach is the simple fact that you truly get the best of both worlds. Only a few minutes from Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach offers a location that is hard to beat. Spend your days sunbathing down by the pier and then head downtown for a night full of adventures. All of this is possible and more when Wrightsville Beach is your home.

3. Delicious Dining Options
Who doesn’t love great food? Luckily, Wrightsville Beach delivers. Grab some fresh mex at the local hotspot, Tower 7. In the mood for a quick slice of pizza? Head on down to Vito’s Pizzeria for scrumptious Italian delight. Looking for something a bit “fishier””? If so, you won’t want to miss out on the Oceanic or South Beach Grill (and these are just the beginning). No need to go hungry while you are on the island with such amazing dining options as these.

4. Offers Exceptional Value
If you’re looking to move to Wrightsville Beach, rest assured, this is by far one of the most affordable beach towns that you could be living in. While prices vary by location, on average, living in Wrightsville Beach is one of the most affordable options out there. Whether you are looking to secure that summer beach house or find a year round residence, Wrightsville Beach offers a number of flexible options.

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5. Southern Hospitality Still Exists
Perhaps the true magic of Wrightsville Beach is in the fact that southern hospitality can still be found here. Smiling faces all around coupled with exceptional service, it’s hard to find anywhere else in the world like Wrightsville Beach. People of all ages call this place home, but despite this, Wrightsville Beach still maintains it’s small town southern charm. Rest assured, living in Wrightsville Beach is unlike living anywhere else, and in the best way possible.

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